What Makes You Strange

Strange is someone else’s perception.
Strange is unique, uncanny, different, special, unfamiliar and distinctive.
Strange stands out in a crowd.
Strange is your you-ness in all its glory.
You must be vulnerable to be strange and when you find that courage, don’t ever let it go.
Your strange is your strength and that is worth a thousand celebrations.
This is not a lesson I learned over night and not a way of life I don’t have to practice on a daily basis. Finding comfort in my own skin, took years of trying on different looks to figure out it was my look that fit just right all along.
My story is strange.
My look is strange.
My way of seeing the world is strange.
As a young girl and even as a young woman, I just wanted to be “normal”, like everyone else. I feel sad for that girl and young woman. I know how hard that was trying so hard to figure out a place to fit. An impossible task that would never work.
You can spot me in a group at 1,000 paces. My hair and my laugh are bright and bold.
Out with some girlfriends one night in a crowded restaurant, a friend joining late found us quickly without calling. When we asked how, her response was she only had to listen for my laugh.There was a time I may have shied away from that, but I was able to nod my head acknowledging that truth.
My story has trauma, sadness, beautiful love and incidents I am not proud of. I cannot own pieces of that story. The entire story is what makes me, me and what makes me strange.
What makes you strange?

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