Holding Space for the Voices of Others

As a mother, wife, daughter, friend, social worker and human being I use my voice for to uplift others and raise awareness from my perspective. With all of my good intentions and passion for justice, my perspective is laced with privilege.

My vision, like the rest of the human race, is filtered through my experiences. So, it becomes my responsibility to remove the veil in order to listen to the voices of others so I can learn what I cannot comprehend on my own. I need other people to teach me so my perspective doesn’t operate independently. My perspective can become part of a collective solution.

The next seven days I will hold space for the voices of women of color. Each, who have removed veils for me to hear and see more clearly. Though, I have lengthy stories on each woman and how their words and lives changed me, my words are not the point.

There is no need to explain any further what their perspectives and voices are able to accomplish on their own.

I stand with justice and black lives matter.

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