Pictures or papers from ruby

“Did you get the email I sent you?”

Corey turns from the fridge, appearing confused and somewhat shaken with no response.

“You didn’t even read it, did you?” Now I am annoyed. This weekend is going to be complete chaos and I need him to suit up and show up! He looks frozen, as if he had a stroke. His confusion remains in place while he props open the fridge door.

“What was I supposed to read?” He speaks! And now looks like he is bracing for me to junk-punch him.

“I sent you the invite to the shared calendar I created for this weekend. It has the time and location for everyone! We are going in four directions Saturday and I’m going to need you. Did you even get the email?”

Corey’s face relaxes. He shakes his head and snickers. I must have missed the joke.

“Are you going to answer me? And what is so damn funny?”

“I mean you ask if I got your email and it could be pictures or papers. I never know with you, Ruby!”

Now I’m confused. I cock my head to one side, “pictures or papers?”

Corey is fully amused with himself now. “Yes.” He pauses and lifts his brow and throws a hand out to each side. “Dirty pictures or divorce papers.”

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