New Year Be You! (No Pressure)

A new year and a new decade is upon us! Time to set some goals & make this the best year EVER!

It’s #newyearnewyou time! That sounds like a lot of pressure!

Well, how about New Year Be You time. You don’t have to change who you are to start the year off right. Maybe we embrace who we are, truly accept ourselves and not only start the year off in a good place but stay there.

Setting goals is a necessary practice to achieving our dreams, however goals need to be accessible and measurable. You don’t jump to the top of the ladder in a single bound (not even Wonder Woman started out flying – she had to practice first). You climb one rung at a time until you reach the top. With each victory, you gain momentum to keep pushing to the next.

I epically fail at new years resolutions. Each time I set unrealistic goals that I inevitably give up on before February 3rd and spend the next three weeks kicking myself in the ass with guilt over how bad I suck. The list is long and familiar with goals I gave up on before the first day of spring. From diets, to workout routines to finishing my first novel all fizzled out like a sparkler on the 4th of July. It wasn’t until I changed the way I set goals, did I begin to find success and realized how kick-ass I truly am. I got out of my own clouded head of disappointment and listened to people I saw as successful. Not only did I read their books and listen to their words, I implemented what they told me. I didn’t use my defense of “must-be-nice-shrug” or “good-for-you-eye-roll” to pass off how they reached their goals. I did the work and found my own success. And guess what…I even finished that novel.

I learned from the success of inspirational women and found a new way to work. These ladies literally changed my life. Thank you Cheryl Strayed, Shonda Rhimes, Rachel Hollis, Jen Sincero, and Michelle Obama. Each of your stories brought me to tears, made laugh and lit my soul with faith. If you haven’t read anything by these women, it’s time to educate yourself.

This year I’m looking at who I already am and loving this wonderful lady a little more. My goals are about the rungs I climb, not the ladder. My mindset is to love me like I love my family. I’m going to support myself like I do my friends. I plan to kick ass like I know I can and follow my own best advice…BE GRATEFUL. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I like to keep things simple with the power of three. The 20’s are going to be mine, because I say so. Here’s how:

  1. Pause for the Cause: Every day I will take a moment to acknowledge my amazingness. I use a daily gratitude journal to empty my thankfulness on a page so I can return to it later and remind myself of this wonderful life I live. Some days my entry is full. Some days it’s a few words. It’s a concrete way for me to pause and find gratitude.  
  2. Show the Love: Every day I show love to someone and ensure they know how glad I am to have them in my life. “Someone” includes me. While I do enjoy bubble baths, chocolate and a good craft beer, showing love to me also includes running with my dog, sweating through a workout while I binge watch my new addiction (currently Breaking Bad) and being mindful of my food choices like sushi instead of steak. I will NOT “diet” but I will love myself enough to take care of my body so I can keep killin it throughout the year.
  3. Put in the Work: I have weekly goals for my career (I will not bore you with the details). These goals are measurable and obtainable. As I meet each one, I will celebrate. With each rung I climb, my motivation grows to keep killin it even when I am exhausted. I write this post from a condo on vacay with my family. I do this not because I am a work-a-holic, but because my dreams are larger than what my full-time job can offer. Though I am grateful for my career and a place to utilize my skills, I dream and plan for more. I play as hard as I work. While I do both, I show my daughters the importance of dreams, goals and having fun along the way.

I will turn 40 this year (the good Lord willing) and I say BRING IT ON BITCHES! I am more excited for this birthday than any other. No cringing at the sound of a number, but screaming from the mountains full of joy! 40 years I have been granted to walk this earth and experience life. I have people who love me and I love them back. I’m certain some who can’t stand me and some I could do without too. I have made life-altering mistakes and have taken risks that have turned into jackpots. I have choices – though I may not like all of them, choices they remain. I have experienced true joy and excruciating pain, but I learn from each.

What will you pause and be grateful for? Who will you show love to? How will you keep climbing rungs?

Whatever you do, do it with gratitude and love for yourself!

Post a comment and share how you are KILLIN IT!

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