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Keeping with the review theme – Just wanted to take a moment and reflect on the last few weeks and what we covered. I love all the feedback so please keep it coming! Here is a rewind of where we went, so far.

Your Nightmare Is Someone Else’s Dream : Even your worst day, is a wish for someone else. Find gratitude in your current situation. Celebrate showing your vulnerability and find support through your struggles. Brighten up your social media feed with reality, not resentments. We succeed not in spite of our failures, but because of them.

Accept Your Ginger-ness: Acceptance is for you. Acceptance does not require you to like something, only that you acknowledge it is. Find power in your pride, which you define for yourself. Practice loving your own brand of beauty.

I Live My Life on a Fire-Fighters Schedule: 24on/48off. Newsflash- There is no work/life balance. There is suiting up and showing up and giving it all you got. Find your Firehouse Friends who will battle the blaze with you, so when it is your 48 off you have someone there to relieve you.

The Silent Killer…Comparison: The bitter likes of a social media post piles on the weight of resentments building because you have yet to define your own success. Comparison kills joy. Full acceptance negates comparison. Let yourself dance naked while you figure out a way to love who you are.

Are You a Butterfly? : Find peace in the purpose of your journey. Pain cannot be defined without the knowledge of joy, just as joy is not possible without the memory of pain. Embrace change instead of fearing it. Deal with it instead of denying it and instead of “why me” ask “why not me?”

What’s Your Walk-Up Song? : Figure out who you are, what you enjoy and what you stand for. Practice being comfortable in your own skin. Find ways to celebrate the amazingness of being you. Pleasing everyone is exhausting, so start with making yourself happy.

Don’t Let Your Message Get Lost In Your Mouth : Your power lies in your voice. It can be used for a shield of distraction or a tool for liberation. Your voice can be used as a weapon to harm or an instrument of healing. Hiding behind a screen and keyboard doesn’t give us free reign to drop every unfiltered thought that crosses our minds. Stop, think and breathe before we react with emotions. We are accountable for how we use our voice.

Only Pay Cash For Your Boots : Joy is contagious, so choose to swim in other’s joy. If misery loves company, so does joy. Why wouldn’t you choose to celebrate with others instead of refusing to acknowledge happiness staring you in the face? Find the magic in sharing joy.

Thank you for reading and for your support through this journey together! This journey is just that, a journey, a process – not a destination or a finish line. We are all just trying to be better than yesterday’s version of ourselves. Be honest with yourself and embrace joy!

Have a great day!

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