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Hey All!

I wanted to send a special thanks to all of you for reading! It means so much to me to be able to share these stories and bring you a little hope and laughter.

Today, I thought I would do give a recap of the character who live in Ruby’s World. One of my dear friends & loyal readers requested a “cheat sheet of characters”. She asked for a reference to use from week to week as a reminder of how these stories & characters intertwine with each other.

Let’s review:

While managing multiple part-time careers along with regular-life-shenanigans, relate-able Ruby Errore finds a way to laugh at herself. A married mother of four living her life with the support of her longtime firehouse friends, Annalise, Kate and Claire.

Corey is Ruby’s supportive, loving and sometimes oblivious husband and father to her children.

Miranda “Andi” is the eldest daughter of Ruby and Corey. She is type-A, over-achiever, championship swimmer who is fighting the curse of perfectionism masked by her killer attitude. Andi argues with her younger brother James and “mothers” her baby brother Austin.

James, the easy-breezy-eldest son, tries very little to achieve what he has. He has a kind soul and loves to laugh, mostly at his crazy family and gets pure joy from aggravating his older, uptight sister.

Malayna “Laynie” is an old soul who can be found curled up with a book and sipping a cup of tea. Laynie’s dry wit drips throughout her refreshing realness. As the family’s narrator, she is always willing to share her observations and thoughts on the situation.

Sweet baby-boy, Austin brings equal amounts of goodness and mischief to their family. He listens only to Andi and keeps the entire family on their toes.

Presenting picture-perfect with her matching-outfit-family and high-power corporate job, Annalise appears to have it all figured out. However, she won’t hesitate to get right with you real quick. As one of Ruby’s firehouse friends, Lise provides the voice of reason to the group.

The strong an independent member to the firehouse friends, Kate lives the life of freedom and travel. She is single with no children and no apologies about it. Though she has a painful past, Kate is content with the life she has built for herself.

Hipster Claire loves hard and heavy. Her tough-girl persona gave way to her fancy-free, breast-feed-through-the-teen-years-momma. Claire loves to have fun and can always laugh at herself. She keeps the rest of the firehouse from taking themselves too seriously.

Ruby’s mother is the culmination of all mothers – loving, overbearing, judging, protecting, prideful and present. Ruby’s mother, like most, brings out the best and worst in Ruby and herself.  

Full of chaos, laughter, frustration, excitement and disappointment, Ruby’s world feels familiar to most of us. She hangs on for the ride and to those she loves while she makes her way through life learning as she goes. 

Photo Credit: Photography by Angela Gross

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