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Expectations are Pre-existing Resentments

We all know one. The person who literally has 25 hours scheduled in their day. Her commute is 32 minutes longer than yours. Her job has mandatory overtime 7 days per week. Each of her kids are involved in 5 activities which practice 7 days per week. She only sleeps every 3rd Tuesday of the month. You know who I am talking about? Are you her?

We have all been her before. There has been a moment in your life that you felt like the busiest person alive and no one could relate to you. Am I wrong? (No)

No reward will be handed out for the busiest person in the world. You cannot compare your responsibilities to that of the lady in the car next to you at carpool. Our lives have become excessively scheduled. Appointing activities to every single second of every day. Even vacations have schedules to ensure you don’t miss out on something. There is no time left to just live.

I have been in Ruby’s shoes (literally). I am the people-pleasing-fun-baggage-carrying-scheduler of the group. I am guilty of forcing fun down your throat if I can help it. However, when I can let go and leave some time untouched, I allow for life to happen and create memories I couldn’t expect. Can you allow yourself a chunk of time to just sit in it? Nothing scheduled. No expectations. Just be.

Expectations are pre-existing resentments. Leave your expectations behind you and accept what is. In the midst of the hustle, schedule time for nothingness. Let life happen. Your heart and soul and will thank you for the memories that come from just letting it be.

Happy Wednesday!

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