A Simple Shuttle Launch

Take a deep breath. Release the beast. Connect and let it go. Practicing self-care. Saying thank you and that’s it. Did you get all that? How’s that working for ya? (My favorite Dr. Phil question)

Is taking care of yourself overwhelming you yet? Did you get to meditate today? Journal? Exercise? Come on, Ruby! Don’t just sit around trying to get a suntan on that pale skin of yours! Fit it in and get it done!

Self-care doesn’t have to be “post-worthy”. It can be quick and dirty. In the car at carpool or at stoplight. One less scroll on social media. 10 minutes earlier in the morning or 10 minutes later in the evening. Whatever you do, just get it done. Self-care is imperative to your life! It’s as necessary as your chewable vitamin and getting enough sleep.

However, self-care isn’t just an extra 10 minutes here or there. It’s more than using mindfulness and centering yourself. Don’t forget the power in your firehouse!

Now, it may feel like you are scheduling a shuttle launch to get multiple grown women together for an extended amount of time, but just as important as space exploration, so is time with your people! Laughing and sharing and being your truest self is good for your heart and soul.

Again, this is time with your firehouse sisters. The ones who know your real hair color. The ones who laugh with you as much as they hold you accountable and the ones who actually want an honest answer to “how are you?”

Girls Nights Out recharges your soul, but sometimes schedules don’t work out. Shuttle launches are not an everyday occurrence. Just get connected! Send a group text. Reach out and touch base on your drive to work or while you sit in traffic. Make this part of your practice.

The most difficult times to reach out for support is when you are in pain. It’s not healthy to share all your junk with someone you can’t trust. Stay connected so when you really need your firehouse they are prepped and ready to be on-call. So your emergency call is like dialing 911 – no one puts you on hold or requires a 30 minute intro story to explain yourself. When you have an emergency, you need help NOW! Make sure you have people in your life that when shit hits the fan, they are dressed and ready to be there for you! And you do the same for them.

Connections to people are so important. Self-care is also nurturing our relationships with people who matter. Starbucks Stella may be great at knowing how you like your latte, but what the hell is she going to do if you come in there crying and need a hug?

Growing up, we think “the more the merrier”. I disagree. One of my firehouse sisters says, “the few and the proud.” Find people you can trust and who are worth investing time staying connected to. If you have three REAL and TRUE friends that’s AMAZING! Three friends can cover a 24-hour shift – so you are all set!

This week, keep it simple…connect to those you care for! Show them some love and I guarantee you will feel it in return.

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