Thank you is a Complete Sentence

So how is the gratitude practice going, Ruby? Has it helped to start your day with a reminder for what you are grateful for? I wonder after leaving the pool party if you had some extras to add to your list that day? I may have added being grateful that your son is so insightful and that you remembered our previous lesson on thinking about the appropriateness of your words before you speak. It sounds like that is working for you, even though I wouldn’t have blamed if you had slipped just this once to put that Stephanie person in her place. I wonder if she needs a therapist. Maybe you could take a stack of my cards and pass them out at the next school gathering?

Anyway, back to our time together. A practice of self-acceptance is just that…implementing a practice. Much like your new gratitude practice self-acceptance must be a focus woven through daily life. You can change your perception by identifying and processing positive attributes about yourself. Here are a couple of quick interventions you could try to put into your daily routine:

  1. Write down 3 positive/strengths about yourself and tape it to your mirror where you get ready. This will give force you to look at it daily.
  2. Get ready for the day in the nude. Literally practice being comfortable in your own skin. Nothing to cover up with.
  3. When someone gives you a compliment, just say “thank-you”. No explaining it away or dismissing it with a sly joke. You are dismissing the person’s opinion who is giving the compliment.

Don’t forget to take it easy on yourself. Self-care is a must when making big changes. Soak in the tub. Read a good book. Get some rest. You didn’t get this way overnight and you won’t feel perfect tomorrow. You will feel better though. Practice gives you progress.

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